The ULTIMATECatalogue


This website provides an interactive checklist of all the items, clothings, DIYs, critters, fossils, art and much more for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Items that can be collected by cataloging, donating to the museum, or any other means of unlocking can be checked off. You can see your progress for each type of item in the stats section.
If you found bugs, have suggestions or want to give me feedback, please contact me on Twitter at @AeonSake.
Your data is stored only in your browser and is not sent to a server or anything else. You are in full control of your data.

The ULTIMATE Catalogue is a fan-made website that claims no ownership of any intellectual property associated with Nintendo or Animal Crossing.

Item data provided by the Data Spreadsheet for Animal Crossing New Horizons and the amazing spreadsheet team.
Images provided by the ACNH CDN.
Audio data provided by the ACNH API.
Resident exterior renders provided by SuperSpazzy#9209.
Website translations provided by these awesome people.